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Yorkshire puddings

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Yorkshire Puddings based on Delia Smiths recipe from her complete cookery 20151109_133208.jpg.14d31d7b397d7e281dc02110b2607f88.jpg



75g Plain Flour

1 egg

75ml milk 

55ml water

Vegetable Oil or lard for the muffin tray


I usually use a heavy steel muffin tray to make small individual Yorkshire puddings but you can also use a heavy  7inch x 11inch pan and make 1 big one. 


An hour before you are going to cook the Yorkshire puddings


Whisk the egg, water and milk together then slowly add the flour whisking as you go until it is all incorporated leave the batter on the side in a jug until you are ready to use it



Get your oven (or Kamado if you are feeling adventurous) to 425f (225C) . 


Add a half a teaspoon of oil or lard to each container in the muffin tray and put the tray in the oven to get hot for 15 minutes. If you are cooking 1 large Yorkshire enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. 


You need to be quick for the next bit! 


Give the batter a quick whisk 1 last time before taking the tray out of the oven. 


With a pastry brush rub the oil up the sides of the pan then pour the batter into the muffin trays until each cup is about 1/3 (third) full.    The tray and oil should be hot enough that the batter noticeably sizzles when you pour it in. 


To give you a little more time you can put the tray on a hot cooker hob as you are pouring in the batter. 


Return the tray to the oven and cook at 425 for about 25 minutes DON'T BE TEMPTED TO OPEN THE DOOR as like a soufflé it will collapse and not rise. 


The sides should be crispy and the centre soft.


The Yorkshire puddings are done when they are a nice golden brown color. 


P. S not all of mine rose but they still all taste lovely. 



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1 hour ago, ckreef said:

I don't think I've ever had one of those but they look tasty. 


They are :-D they go on your Sunday dinner with lots of gravy over the top 


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