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Losing the spark screen in my base


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So I recently had a crack in my base, which was replaced under warranty. My experience was good with the replacement. They responded quickly, and I had my new base in less than 3 weeks from claim submission.


I have the Classic before it included the Ash pan/catch, so I have the sliding door on the bottom intake vent with the solid door slide with the spark arrestor slide behind it. On the new base it just has the solid sliding door with no spark arrestor option (because now it's made into the back of the ash pan), and the old spark arrestor slide doesn't fit on these. So on my new base I have no spark screen. I know I don't really need it, and it's not like I used it a ton. I guess it's really more the principle of having the option, and now not having it seems like a slight downgrade. KJ support basically said that's how they're done now, and I can buy the ash pan kit at a dealer if I want. I don't feel like I should have to spend $40 to get back the spark screen feature I had before.

Should this bother me, or am I just being a little nit picky?

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