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6 bags, get you into 2019?? You need to be grilling way more. 6 bags might get me though August, maybe    

You really can't go by most reviews on the Naked Wiz. Most of the reviews are years old. Lump manufacturers get new sources of raw wood all the time. For only $10 a bag you should have bought a bag. T

I grabbed five bags yesterday.  Haven't had a chance to light it, but looks good so far.  Feels more dense than RO.  Has no discernible odor.  As you can see from the pictures fairly large chunk size,

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13 hours ago, ckreef said:


6 bags, get you into 2019?? You need to be grilling way more. 6 bags might get me though August, maybe :)



Haha, you are correct. My vision is pretty stingy on fuel though.  Plus I usually just top off my charcoal and reuse, unless I'm doing a 12 hour brisket. I'd have to quit work to burn 180 lbs of charcoal this summer. Starting to sound like a good idea

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BJs had skids of cheap hardwood, under the "Frontier" brand. I scoffed the first time, read the label the second time (meh! Mexico), but noticed it was made by Royal Oak Enterprises... and they do have a lot of mesquite in Mexico. Third time I bought a bag, fourth time I bought four @ 15kg. a piece. It looks just like mesquite smoking wood, only black. 


I did a pizza cook first, with a very full bowl, and got about an hour of white smoke before it settled in with a fully lit firebox at 650F. Subsequent cooks with the remainder had nearly zero white smoke. Doing a brisket tonight, so...


HAve fun,


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11 hours ago, fbov said:

...Doing a brisket tonight, ...

I did the usual rake-over-the-grate with the unburned charcoal, spread it to the edges and put two small logs of smoking wood in the middle. I covered the smoking wood with big pieces of hardwood (lots of big pieces) then filled the bowl. Another several handfuls of large pieces went into a chimney starter, which inferno'ed very nicely. Here's what it looked like right after spreading the chimney and adding a few chunks of mesquite.


I did get heavy smoke when I first closed it up, but the white cleared after 30 minutes, so in went the brisket and baked beans. 7 hours later, the beans are off, the brisket's turned, and the Joe is at 264 vent, 240 dome, 226 grill. I love this thing!


HAving fun,



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I purchased 3 bags just to try out... if it burns decent I'll go get a 1/2 dozen more to fill the shed.


I'm cheap when it comes to lump and to this point I've really never felt one brand is way superior to another. $.33/lb is about as good as it gets.

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At that price, I picked up two bags to give it a try this weekend.   the majority of lump size so far has been smaller than I expected and desired.   The top portion of the had and some medium-ish sized lump. For me the smaller size lump pieces (of any brand and leftover lump) can slow down the air flow, making getting to my desired temp a little slower.


I've not emptied the bag just yet, so not sure how the bottom half of the bag will turn out.   And I have one more bag to open.


Overall for the price, the lump worked just fine.  I did an overnight brisket at about 260F (was hoping for ~210-225ish) producing one of my best briskets to date and under the same load about 20 hours later (I kept it doing really low), let the kamado rip to get it hot for bread.  I over shot on the initial heat soak, and had this lump to over 800F for brief period of time.


This lump will certainly work and your hardwood of choice and kamado-on, no issue here.





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3 hours ago, EZ smoke said:

This stuff has been working well for me... no problems at all.


I like everything about it except lighting. Sparks and pops real bad, almost caught me in the eye once.


But the burn time is phenomenal. I made three pizzas last night and brats tonight, still plenty of lump left. A load of Royal Oak would have been completely gone after the pizza cook.

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I have been picking up a bag every time we go to Walmart, and they are adding up. I realize how much more often we go to Walmart because of kiddos. 


This charcoal more or less cuts my fuel cost in half compared to Royal Oak or Costco KJBB. I have no complaints, I am using it as I type to heat up a salt block in the Jr for tuna steaks. I am sure I have over a year's supply at this point, but I will be bummed when this is gone. 

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