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The AFG!!!


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Thank you for existing, you lovely kamado aficionados!


I am a brand new Pit Boss owner (yes, Costco got me...again!). This is the 7th member of my grill stable. When my 16 yr old daughter realized I'd bought it,


She yelled out, "ANOTHER F-ING GRILL, MOM???? REALLY???    You won't be able to send me to college!!!"


I have officially named it, the AFG.


I have smoked some gorgeous ribs along side a pork roast so far in this kamado. Today, I made a stone fruit cobbler, then Hazelnut Beef Stir fry and now I am attempting to smoke some pork belly that's heading for bacon (full day!). The more I play with this thing, the more I am suspicious that I will be downsizing.....

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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you and your new Pitboss here. Really looking forward to seeing some of those cooks. What are the other grills that you have? I understand the downsizing thing, as the only use my gasser has seen this year it ran out of fuel. It does act as a nice storage vessel for tools though. Really need to pick up some more propane...

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Welcome!  You've found the right place for sure.  Believe it or not, there might come a day when your downsizing might include your kamado's (I think my husband sold one of mine out from under me this week.... guess I deserved that after buying a KK... but I still don't like it...).

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