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my inspiration for this rub was simple.  leftover beans between brews and being too frickin cheap to waste those $ little gems.

not making sense?  well it's my brew method and choice of beans.  coffee nerds will get it right away, when changing one single origin for another.  i don't single dose so i sometimes will have some beans left in the hopper but not enough for a full brew.  i brew with a moka pot, so the grind is near espresso fine.  when i know i won't have enough for a pot, i grind them out and save them in a jar.  it breaks my heart to toss them.

remembering i tried a store-bought coffee based rub a long while back, i thought hey, i could make that, and save a metric tonne of cash too.

so this is what i use.  it breaks down into smaller very well, and scales up easily too.  mind you, i've not gone past 1.5c of coffee, so i can't confirm over that.  this recipe should fill two 500ml jars.
to give you an idea, i am currently on a cook of two whole sirloin roasts.  one is 12lb, the other is 13lb, and i used only half of one 500ml jar to generously coat both of them.


this should be a fair starting point for those wishing to try it, or their version of.  hope you enjoy it as much as i do.


• 1 cup finely ground coffee
• 1 cup brown sugar
• 8 tbsp coarse kosher salt
• 8 tbsp chili powder
• 4 tbsp fresh ground black pepper, or coarse pre-ground
• 4 tbsp paprika, not smoked
• 4 tbsp garlic powder
• 4 tbsp onion powder
• 2 tbsp cayenne/red pepper

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Nice, I will give it a shot soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll let you you know how I like it! I would probably buy the coffee for this rub, but I have friends that relate to your situation. 

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