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Anyone make some sort of canopy or small shelter?

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5 hours ago, squatchout said:

Thinking of buying or maybe making some sort of grill canopy/gazebo to somewhat cover the grill and table it's in from rain so I can cook any time. What are you guys using for something along these lines?


You can build a small trellis overhang. 2 posts, with 2x8 beams running parallel and then same size material or smaller as a cross members. Homedepot or lowes sells sheets that are transparent that can be added on top for rain 


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When you live in the PNW you have to have some kind of shelter to grill/smoke in.   This summer I will have the table done and the back wall tiled and it will be finished.  The barrel is actually a sink with extra counter space for when needed.  When blizzard conditions are predicted, it has a roll down canvas cover and does a good job of keeping out the blowing snow.P1010571.thumb.JPG.80a80fd4e52dd7308e19be362cd17686.JPG

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1 hour ago, 3547fl said:

It's really up to the area you live in on what can be done. In a subdivision it gets to be a bit harder. Out in the country anything goes. 


Dude, that is awesome!

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