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Really struggled to come up with an idea for the challenge this month.  My husband had a thought about tortillas, so I decided to incorporate that.  I ended up with a Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, Zuchinni, Onion Wrap - served with roasted carrots.


Started off with a couple of different color wraps.  One spinach and one jalapeño cheddar.  Cut slits into one without going all the way through the edges and then slit the other one going through one edge.  Wove them together and did some trimming.  Turned out better than I expected.










Then I went about trying to weave some zucchini.  Tried to cut nice even thickness planks.  Used the woven one for the challenge dish - couldn't find a great way to do this, so I played around a bit.  




Then I decided to try and make my carrots for my roasted carrot side look braided.  Not sure how successful this was, but I tried.  




Made a turkey bacon weave and cooked that on the grill.  Started on parchment and then slid off later.




Went inside and very thinly sliced some red onion.






Bacon weave was looking good but very fragile....




Then went in and prepared to bread my zucchini. One container with egg beaters and one with panko crumbs I seasoned.  Zucchini went into the egg, then the breading.  Gave a quick sprits with spray oil before going onto the grill.  Zucchini indirect and carrots direct raised.  Used grinders to give the carrots a little love with Himalayan pink salt and Tasmanian Pepper Berries.






Then it was time to assemble.  Lettuce, then tomato, then bacon weave, then avocado, then zucchini, then onion.  Whew!




Gingerly wrapped up.





And a couple of plated shots - one day I might put more effort into this area of my cooks....








This was super filling.  My husband, older daughter and I all shared the one wrap.  If I were to do it again, I would ditch the zucchini.... it just didn't quite fit in as well as I thought it would, but it wasn't bad at all.  Guess I just prefer the freshness of the rest of the components.







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19 hours ago, Panchango said:

Wow.  That is some fantastic looking food.  Nicely done.



Thanks, @Panchango!  I had fun and desperately needed to get a cook day in.  And I couldn't let you and @Smoke and Awe have all the fun yourselves without joining in. :)


17 hours ago, Smoke and Awe said:

You are amazing!!  That taco wrap, wow!  SO MUCH WORK though.  I might try the taco wrap, but that's as far as I'd get.  Whew!


It was a lot of work... you are right on that!  Not sure I would do the whole thing again, but I was tickled with how well that wrap weave turned out.  It really was way better than I imagined and quite stunning.  The zucchini weave I ended up with was about 2 weeks and 6 zucchini worth of messing around to get something that worked well enough to use... 

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17 hours ago, ckreef said:

You definitely put forth the effort and it shows in an awesome cook. Great entry. 





17 hours ago, skreef said:

Nice job on all the weaving. I like the green one. Very neat cook. Great entry



Thanks, ck & sk!


I was trying to take weaving to the extreme... definitely a challenge.  :)


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14 hours ago, Billy Grills said:

I have seen a few works of art lately on this forum and now I have just seen another!!

Awesome entry and my moneys on you for the win   :bravo:


Definitely not my everyday cooking style, but fun to go above and beyond occasionally for the challenges!  


8 hours ago, St1brew said:

Looks awesome! Very creative and seemingly refreshing dish. Great job!


Thanks!  Will be more refreshing the next time around when I ditch the breaded zucchini.  :)


4 hours ago, Kingfish said:

Talk about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary! 


Thanks!  I think the woven wrap is definitely what gives it the extraordinary flair - and that was actually one of the easier elements to do!  


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