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Kamado Joe Smoked Pumpkin Soup

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Quick and easy post for a super tasty winter classic with a twist – smoked pumpkin soup.




We had been given a large Queensland Blue Pumpkin and with the weather turning here in Qld (if you can call it that) it is a perfect time to create a classic but with a Kamado twist - Smoked pumpkin soup.




The ingredients I used.



1 large pumpkin quartered and de-seeded


3 potatoes


2 brown onions


3-4 whole heads of garlic (tops chopped to expose the top of the individual cloves)


1 tub of cooking crème


750ml chicken stock












Dried cranberries




If you are like me and experiment, this is the perfect platform to add your own elements and style. I have seen the addition of chorizo, which is something I will definitely try for that additional depth.










Kamado setup




Set for low and slow with the deflectors in the upper position. Full firebox of mostly fresh lump charcoal. For the smoke, this cook was a couple of chunks of cherry and ironbark with a sprinkle of hickory chips. Basically a bit of everything that I had around.


Light and let temperature stabilize around the 220f mark




Smoke the veggies until soft – in this case it was around 4 ½ hours until the pumpkin was at the consistency I wanted.




Let the pumpkin cool for a little and scoop out all the flesh into a large pot, add the potatoes , add the onions (outer skin removed) and add the garlic cloves ( peeled). The garlic should “squeeze” out of pretty easy.


Over a low heat, blend with a stick blender (or you could do batches in a processor), progressively add the chicken stock until you almost reach the consistency you prefer, add the crème and stage season to taste. Continue to blend until your ideal consistency is reached adding more stock/liquid as needed.


Let the final mixture simmer on a very gentle heat for 10-15 minutes.




Ready to plate.




Ladle into bowls, add some parsley and a small amount of cranberries






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