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Nothing but WFO money!

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Going to post WFO money shots in this thread. If anybody has a WFO/pizza oven please feel free to post your money shots if you just don't feel like doing a complete cook thread. 


Had a long day cooking in the WFO yesterday. (while low-n-slow in the KK's). Had the WFO fired up for about 8 hours. 


3 pizzas followed by artisan bread and then buns (for the low-n-slow pulled pork). The pizzas needed a slightly higher temp (and no more using pizza screens). The bread and buns needed a slightly lower temperature. 








For a grand finale Mrs skreef put together a lasagna in my new terracotta pan from Portugal. I love this pan. It has a nice glazed interior. 


Lasagne went on covered in foil. WFO was cruising along at 400* with a hot bed of coals. Rotated at the 20 minute mark. At 40 minutes it was looking right but it needed the top browned. Threw a couple of small logs on the coals. Waited about 5 minutes for the smoke to stop. At this point I had some nice flames dancing across the dome. Mrs skreef reached in there (with a welding glove) and pulled off the foil. 3 minutes later a nice browned top. Sure glad I didn't wait for my 5 minute timer to go off. This instant broiler action worked really well. Next time I'll set the timer for 2 minutes. 






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2 hours ago, Scott Roberts said:

@ckreef-(and no more using pizza screens).?




Pizza screens is a crutch. If I need screens I would rather use parchment paper instead. Pizza screens are good for transporting the finished pizzas to the table to help keep the bottom crust crispy.. Just not good for cooking. 



With the right dough recipe you should be able to launch straight off a wood peel like I did last weekend. 


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1 hour ago, TKOBBQ said:

That's some great looking food.   Looks like your getting a handle on the WFO pretty quick.


Not exactly but getting closer every time I fire it up. 

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Mistake turned out decent. 


I'll make a long stupid story short. Saturday night I mixed up 2 batches of dough to rise overnight. Sunday I fired up the WFO. When it got up around 750* I went inside to start stretching and building the pies. That's when the realization hit me...... I had used bread flour in my Neopolitan dough. Oh crap! Can't cook bread flour at my target 800*. I regrouped, let the WFO come down in temp and cooked the pies in the 550*-600* range. They actually came out reasonably well. I'm blaming the multiple Saturday night adult beverages on the mixup ;) I did want to mention that although I made the pies Mrs skreef cooked them. Turning them as needed, raising them up into the dome and pulling them when done. 







The pizzas were Sunday lunch. Also cooked a beef pot pie for Sundays dinner. 







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17 minutes ago, landscaper said:

Both of you are really getting the hang of that oven.


Everything looks great!




Mrs skreef stepping up to the plate to do the cooking part really ups our pizza party game. To roll a bunch of pizzas through the oven you really need two people. 


One person to stretch, build and launch. The second person to cook, pull, cut and serve. 



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