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Cardiologists Nightmare (Bacon weave wrapped Sausage roll)

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Ingredients: 1 pound bacon, 2 pounds hot sausage, half a small block of pepper jack, 1 small bell pepper, 1 half of a kielbasa, and 1 hot link. Eggs to fry and put on top of when done. 


Build: Weave bacon. Flatten sausage into square roughly the same size as the weave. Arrange other ingredients onto sausage. Mine looked like this:image.thumb.jpg.88f62b086dc748ad7be84fe29ceed5f2.jpg

Roll your sausage into a cylinder. Marry to sweet sweet bacon weave!1403779039_image(1).thumb.jpg.eecb8e97f8fd0bac61a0b9834a6c8071.jpg

It should look something like this:95831203_image(6).thumb.jpg.9be0d834e99260f30eb0e4634386fc5d.jpg


Next drop that fatty on at 250. This was after I finished the pulled pork in the morning, so my grill was already up to temp. I added a few more chunks of pecan and apple to put some smoke on it. Looked like the original smoke wood was burned up from the overnight cook. This beautiful heart stopper then rested peacefully at 250 for four hours until internal temp was at 160. 714893973_image(4).thumb.jpg.6c8a136138305fe14b2d2ca726f2c854.jpg

This is what I opened up to find!224027594_image(3).thumb.jpg.a15e38cf57332c5e8fd025b26658f282.jpg


Sheer beauty! 


Cooked an egg to top up the slices. So here is the money shot!IMG_20180528_083609.thumb.jpg.610b336376eb0cd88c22b139ffdb58d4.jpg


It was a crowd pleaser for sure! Full disclosure: this dish is pretty well stolen from Steven Raichlen's Tulsa Torpedo. Admittedly, this is my first time ever attempting a bacon weave or anything like this. I had a blast and can't wait to build on this theme in the future. Good luck everyone!


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2 minutes ago, ckreef said:

Interesting version of a fatty and the runny egg takes it over the top. Great entry. 


Agreed! A runny egg makes lots of food taste and look great!

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