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Smoke + Sous Vide coconut milk brisket advice

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I had a top-10 memorable dish a few weeks ago at Model Milk in Calgary. The brisket was smoky, moist and completely unctuous with subtle southeast asian flavors. 


The chef was kind enough to share some highlights of the recipe, but I'm curious if anyone has ever done anything like this. Seeking advice!


The restaurant did the following:


1. smoked with dry rub for 4 hours (seems short). I am guessing salt, garlic, black pepper, coriander in the rub.

2. sous vide 72 hrs @ 143F in coconut milk. guessing (maybe) a little fish sauce and maybe lemongrass in the sous vide with the coconut milk. 


Served with cliantro to complement southeast asian flavors.

Seriouseats and Amazing Ribs recommend sous vide then grill (support bark and texture). 



Thoughts on this recipe as described? 






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I've done a variation on the Serious Eats recipe and loved it. I have a 2.5 lb point in the freezer that I plan to sous vide in the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll add some coconut milk.


I'm always hesitant to add flavors like herbs or sauces in sous vide, because sometimes it creates weird flavors. Maybe lemongrass would be ok, though. Anyone with experience?

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