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Well, Well - AKORN at Krogers

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I wasn't able to actually find the coupon, but I printed off the page and took it into my Kroger's and talk to the manager. He agreed to take it. I had actually called into their one 800 number to make sure I wasn't looking in the wrong place. They are the ones that told me to print off the page and take it in with me.

http://www.kroger.com/promotions/get_ou ... /tips.aspx

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Price dropped to $165 at Kroger today, so I decided to pull the trigger. I had to buy the floor model because it was the only one left. I didn't get a manual so I'm not sure how the heck to register with CG. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Just finished seasoning the grate. Closed all of the vents, now I'm waiting to see how long it takes to shut down. I didn't see any leaks while it was running. When I closed all the vents, opened the lid and then closed the lid, I did see smoke coming out from around the bottom vent. It only lasted about 20-30 seconds and then stopped.

I'll fire it back up at 6pm to cook some steaks. I'm using blue Kingsford charcoal as Kroger didn't have any lump. I'll work on that this week. I bought the Maverick thermometer & a cast iron griddle last month while waiting for the Kroger price drop. I still need to get the grate (or the CG diffuser, can't decide) & a pizza stone.

This is a great site. I've done a lot of reading and learned a lot (hopefully) I really appreciate all of the information others have shared.

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I didn't get a manual so I'm not sure how the heck to register with CG.

Go to this link https://www.chargriller.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&Itemid=17

That is the registration page. They won't have your model number in the drop down box, no worries just use any model in the drop down box. Make sure you enter your serial number accurately as that contains your model number.

You should receive a grill registration confirmation e-mail.

There website is a bit out of date but have used that procedure to register an Akorn and Akorn Jr. and chargriller has acknowledged my registration both times.

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Yeah, I'm guessing I got pretty lucky on this one. Last time I was in this particular Kroger was before the 4th and it was still $239 (coupon prior to the 6th would make it $219). As others have posted, last year it was 7/12 when the price dropped at Kroger. I was guessing it would be on Monday 7/8 this year. Since I had to pick up a few things this morning, I wandered past the display and saw it was $164.99. I was so surprised & excited at the price I didn't even bother to try & negotiate a lower deal on the floor model. :oops:

No cover or grill lifter-thingy, but it was already assembled (actually, very well) so I think I got a bargain. In the other thread about the Kamado Junior, I think someone said they paid $149 for the JR.

Steaks tonight were awesome. I need to pick up a few accessories, Boston Butt at Costco, some wood chunks (apple, cherry, hickory) and run a temperature test. Then I'm ready to rock...

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