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Brats Done Right!

BEER-N-BBQ by Larry

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Hi all,


Are you tired of eating dried out, bland, & basically boring brats? If so, stick around. I'll show you a quick walk through on how to make awesome brats on the grill. (The secret is to poach them in a flavorful liquid on the grill and finish them up on the main grate over the coals.) I use my Broil King Keg 5000 kamado, but this can easily be done on any grill; even gas.



1 package of Wisconsin style brats (~6-7)
Peppers of some kind (I used Melrose peppers and Hungarian Wax peppers in this video.)
1 onion (I used red in the video)
Sprigs of fresh thyme
1 can beer
Mustard, beer or spicy brown kind
Oil for sauteeing vegetables
Buns (Optional)


1) Sautee peppers, onion, and thyme in some oil.
2) Add beer, mustard, and brats.
3) Poach/parboil (~160-180 deg F) until internal temp reaches 150 deg F.
4) Move brats to edge of grill grate to brown and finish up to internal temp of 170+ deg F.
5) Put back into pan to keep warm and moist until ready to serve.

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