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Big Problem with new Big Joe Joetisserie

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Had the Joetisserie for a few weeks, just had a chance to use it for the first time yesterday. I have had a Big Joe, BJ, new 2017 model, for about six months, and have run a fair bit of beef and pork through it. Preparing to spin a 6# chicken, following Joe Setzler's video on cooking a chicken on the Joetisserie. Took all the racks out. I tried as best as I could to fit the JT onto the Big Joe. I got it centered on the gasket, thin part toward the back, but the JT was smaller than the Big Joe. I was worried at the time because the JT is smaller than the Big Joe by almost 2 inches! I could barely get the JT on the gasket with an almost 1" gap showing on the gasket.


Big Joe: 27 3/4" 

Jotisserie: 26"


Nonetheless I was committed to spinning the chicken -- family coming over and expecting a smoked chicken. :-) Piled up the lump towards the back, as Joe Setzler suggested. Lit the pile of lump, closed the lid after about 10 minutes or so. Had to close the top and bottom vents almost all the way to stabilize at 325. Dropped in four chunks of apple wood, Let the temp stabilize again, now at  340, probably because the wood was burning. Anyway, put the bird on the spit and the spit in the motor, and set it to spinning. The setup leaked pretty bad. Wood smoke coming out, mainly around the left side of the JT. But smoke was *really* pouring out of the opening where the motor-side of the spit goes into the JT. Temp shot up once to near 400, probably because of the wood still burning. Got the temp down to about 350. Bird was done at 90 minutes, wowed the crowd. 


But this smoke emerging from the gap worries me. The 2" difference in size is just too great. BTW. Didn't have look at the BJ until today. Temperature was still at 210.  


I can't escape the conclusion that the JT is just too small for the Big Joe. What now?

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6 hours ago, Polar Bear said:

Is it possible you purchased the JT for the Classic Joe?


That is what I was thinking. Either that or they sent you the wrong one accidentally. Not sure I would have used it before talking to customer service first. 


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Was this an Amazon Warehouse Deals used/open-box order?


On several occasions I have ordered things from Amazon Warehouse Deals and received the wrong product in the right package.  I think there are some unscrupulous people out there that buy stuff, swap out the contents of the box with something similar in appearance but cheaper and then return it.  

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Here are four images of the four quadrants of the BigJoe with the Joetisserie installed. Notice that there's barely 1/4" or even less overlap between the outside of the Joetisserie and the inner part of the gasket. There's 1/8" difference in the alignment from side to side. It's hard or impossible to improve on this given the movement of the Joetisserie when the spit is being inserted, or when messing around with the coals etc.





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Well that is a new one. I agree with the others than must be one for the Classic.It seems that most people have good fit with the  Joetisserie. I am very sad that I did not have that luck as it hit at the rear and propped open in the front. It appears that I am out of luck preeminently. I would measure your OD and ask some one who has a Joetisserie for the BJ what theirs measures.

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I recently got a Big Joe (2017- version) and a Big Joetisserie. Mine looks much like the pictures above but functions just fine (there are leaks in mine but it did not effect temperature). If you look on some retailer sites with photos the outer diameter of the Joetisserie is much smaller than the Big Joe. 


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It's in the hands of KJ Customer Service. They say they will send me another one that will fit. I've been waiting for shipping info for ten days, just emailed them for an update. All in all they seem very responsive.

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Well perhaps I should contact them also because that's exactly how mine fits.   My understanding is that the Rotisserie was built for the 2016 and the 2017 is 1" larger.   Have no way of verifying this because my 2017 is my first KJ.  Let us know if the replacement fits better, and pictures of the new one and it's fitment would be super.

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