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Big Problem with new Big Joe Joetisserie

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I will follow this thread because if there is indeed a bigger replacement I would like to get my hands on it. It would be nice to stop some more of the leaks and also be able to use the D&C system so I could cook indirect or at least hold a drip pan. 

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I just bought joetisserie for my big joe 3. Got everything from Atlanta grill works. Fits the same way. My buddy used it on his egg and it fits flush. I’m concerned it wasn’t made for these grills as well. Food was still amazing just hard to hold temp. Had to close vents way down. 

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On 6/19/2019 at 1:20 AM, Ken Jeffrey said:

I just bought joetisserie for my big joe 3. Got everything from Atlanta grill works. Fits the same way. My buddy used it on his egg and it fits flush. I’m concerned it wasn’t made for these grills as well. Food was still amazing just hard to hold temp. Had to close vents way down. 

I have a BJ III and my question is how much room there is between the Joetisserie fork in the lowest portion of its rotation and the top of the SloRoller?  I understand that different foods will close that gap differently, but am curious about how much space there is between these two points?

Amazon has the joetisserie for the BJ on sale right now and between the diameter issue discussed here and lack of information on whether the JT can be used with the SloRoller installed I am holding of on buying for now.

Thanks in advance for any answer to the above.

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Need some help please.  Just bought a new Big Joe and got the matching Rotisserie.  It won't fit?  The lid won't close and latch? I've taken out all of the racks from inside and have moved it forward, backward, sideways trying to position it and nothing works.  Tried emailing and calling Kamado Joe and they are not responding to anything to do the current virus shut down.  Any ideas?  Thanks







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So the lid isn't suppose to latch tight with the rotisserie on it?  Sounds like others are saying the temp is hard to control and it leaks smoke this way?  I haven't put the motor on or any meat, so does the weight keep it secure while it rotates?  I've never used a rotisserie so this is a new gadget for me?  Thanks for any advice.



































































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16 hours ago, Mike @ Hoot Owl said:

So the lid isn't suppose to latch tight with the rotisserie on it?  Sounds like others are saying the temp is hard to control and it leaks smoke this way?  

Rotisserie cooking is an open flame moderate heat cooking environment kind of cook. It started when cavemen stuck meat on a stick and suspended it over a fire. No real need to worry about air leaks and such. Your top and bottom vents will still be able to keep you in moderate temp ranges, even with the little gaps and air  leakage with the Joetisserie in place. Just cook on it and learn how it works. (really any temp between 375 and 450 will work just fine) This is a modern adaptation of a primitive rustic cooking method. I recommend Cornish Hens on the spit. Just the right size for one per person and an easy, fun, and flavorful cook.  Looks really impressive while on your grill. Tie them so they don't slip and jiggle on the spit. Take em to 160 in the breast and then baste em with Orange Marmalade and chopped fresh rosemary, using a few sprigs of rosemary as a basting brush. Do this right at the end, as the marmalade has a lot of sugar and will burn if left over direct fire for any length of time. Pull em at 165 in the breast.  One of my wife's favorite cooks. Happy cooking.  

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15 minutes ago, Mike @ Hoot Owl said:

John - I watched a few of your videos and it looks like my fit is similar to yours in the video.  I'll give it a try and see how things go.  Thank you!


See what keeperofdeflame said above... this is not about precision temperature control or 'smoke leaking'... this is a more raw form of cooking meat over a fire.  If you want precision temp control and no smoke leaking, this tool is not the right tool.


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KotF and John are exactly correct.  The wedge shaped angle on your JoeTisserie is formed that way so that the lid of your KJ Kamado lid can rest on the JT from the back of your Kamado to the front.  I have a JT for my KJ Classic III - standard size - and this same setup works great for rotisserie cooks.  While a little smoke can escape where the spit rod goes through the JT, it works quite well.  I'm sure you'll enjoy some outstanding rotisserie cooks.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I had mastered by weber kettle grill and wanted to diversify my bbq with the Big Joe and feel like a rookie again.  I have been practicing for the last month or so and getting better.  Still figuring out when to use the heat deflector.  Pizza's have turned out really good. I read all the reviews before buying and went with the Big Joe as everyone said go big or regret it.  I will say for two people, the Big Joe is a little too big and a charcoal hog.  Looking forward to to trying to smoke a small turkey this week.  Haven't checked to see if John has a smoked turkey video, any advice different than doing a big rotisserie chicken?  Buffalo burgers tonight!

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      1 bay leaf
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      All in all I was very happy with the experience and will be adding lamb to my rotation. 

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