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Father's day pork belly and tators

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Tossed a hunk of pork belly on the primo yesterday with some peach wood.  375 for about 2 hours.  Hit it well with salt and pepper.  Started basting the last hour, basted each slice again just before serving.  Pulled at 200 IT.


Baste was maple syrup, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar, love that flavor!


Red potatoes in olive oil with rosemary, salt and pepper.








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13 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

The belly looks great.... but the pan of potatoes - that’s just plain pretty right there. I could have gone just for that and been happy. 

Thank you, I said red but it also had blue adirondack potatoes in it from our garden.  Indeed they were yummy, I ate pork belly served on a pile of those potatoes.

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4 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

I started to tear up at 'salt and pepper'! A man after my own heart!. What did you cook it on?



A Primo oval XL (from Rodaks Cadillac repair shop - Ft. Worth TX) loaded with Rock Wood (MO, USA) topped with peach wood ( Kingsford branded ).    It was gooooood!

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On 6/21/2018 at 4:27 PM, TKOBBQ said:

Ohh I'm just sitting here drooling that looks soooooo delicious.

What's your ratio of maple syrup/soy sauce/apple cider vinegar.



4-2-1 maple syrup, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar.  Slightly sweet, touch of the maple syrup flavor with a nice savory flavor and a touch of sour. 

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