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Jack Daniel's Tennessee FIRE Infused Rotisserie Pineapple


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Jack Daniel's Tennessee FIRE Infused Rotisserie Pineapple


A super simple, super tasty treat that is just as ideal on a cold winter’s night as it is for a summer lunch. Take the quintessential summer ingredient – pineapple, soak it in whisky, add sugar, cinnamon and roast over charcoal. Like I said pretty darn simple.



2 whole ripe pineapples

1/2 750ml bottle of cinnamon whisky (I chose the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee FIRE, but there is a couple of versions available. Choose what is within your local area at a good price)

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup raw sugar

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon



Preparing the Rotisserie Pineapple

peel the pineapples – remove all the “eyes”

score the pineapples in a diamond pattern, this allows a better penetration of the whisky

place each pineapple in a suitably sized ziplock bag

add ½ of the whisky to each bag

remove as much air as possible and close the ziplock bag

marinate in the fridge for as long as possible, suggest a minimum of 2hours

give the bags a flip over/shake every ½ hour or so. This will help ensure that the whisky penetrates as evenly as possible



Preparing the rotisserie

For this cook, I utilized a freestanding electric rotisserie 


Initially, it was one full starter chimney of heatbeads, once this was fully lit (~30minutes.) I spread the coals and added some hardwood lump charcoal, maybe 3-4 pieces initially. At around the 45-minute mark, the rotisserie was ready for cooking.


Coating the pineapples

Combine the sugars and cinnamon in a tray 

Roll the pineapples in the sugar/cinnamon mixture aiming for an even coating.

Once both pineapples are covered, skewer them on the rotisserie equipment.

Keep the remaining sugar mix as you will need it during the cook.




The cooking

We are aiming for a cook of around the one hour mark, but as with most cooks, there are a few variables to consider. Start off higher from the coals (cooler) and work your way down (hotter) as you progress.


Now the rotisserie is spinning nicely there is not a lot to do, other than keeping an eye on the colour of the pineapple.



At around the 20-minute mark add some more of the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Then repeat as you see fit. Depending on how hot you have your rotisserie and how much sugar mix you have left, repeat this until you reach a great caramel colour on the Rotisserie Pineapple, likely around 15-minute intervals. If (like me) you are not getting enough colour, increase the temp (more coals or lower the rotisserie)


To test for doneness stop the rotisserie and insert a skewer if there is only a little bit of resistance you are done if it is still a little firm keep on spinning.


Once you reach the colour you are after and the desired doneness, carefully remove the pineapples from the rotisserie skewer, slice and serve whilst warm. I like to slice as if you were wanting rings and then ¼ the rings, offering a nice bite-size wedge of pineapple.


Jack Daniel's Fire infused pineapple




What I would do differently

For my cook, I struggled to get to the really dark caramelisation that I was looking for. With this in mind, I think I would start increasing the temperature sooner. I could have let it cook a bit longer, but the hordes where hungry.


Perhaps experiment with different flavour combinations. I am thinking the classic pineapple based cocktails.



Imagine a Pineapple Mohito (brown sugar, pineapple, rum, mint) or a Pineapple-Sake Sangria with Jalapeño


Kind of getting thirsty just writing about these combinations.


The inspiration

Shout out to Malcolm Rees at www.howtobbqright.com for the inspiration.



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