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Breakfast casserole not quite done

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This is for the food storage experts.  My wife cooked a breakfast casserole last night, and it really seemed like it was done.  We let it cool in the glass pan for maybe 30 minutes then put it in the fridge.  Cut into it this morning and the center wasn't quite finished.  In the 9 x 13 pan, I'd say there's a 4 x 6 inch section that is anywhere from creamy to almost runny, the rest is fine.  She put sauteed spinach and onions in it, so I know some of the juices from that are adding to the appearance of it.  We ate some of the outer part that was done.  I read up on soft boiled and poached eggs and saw poached eggs could go in the fridge up to 36 hours, and those numbers are usually a little conservative.  Could we pop this thing back in the oven less than 24 hours later to extend its life and not completely waste it?  Thanks for the help!


Btw, it came out around 9:45 and went in the fridge about 10:15.  One of us could go there for lunch between 11:00-12:00.

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I'm no expert, but I think it comes down to your criteria for "seemed like it was done."


Egg dishes with vegetables can be runny even if fully cooked. If your criteria was a high degree of browning on the top, be careful as that tells you nothing about the inside. If it was a 170F thermometer reading in the center, runny in the middle is fine because you know the egg is set at 160F. 


However, I see no issues recooking to proper temps after refrigerated storage overnight. I routinely prepare such dishes the night before I cook them. 


And an instant read thermometer is your friend. Far better than any toothpick. 


Have fun,


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