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Steaks on a Vision Grill

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I'd like some feedback on the best way to cook steaks on these types of grills.  Reading about it it looks like there are a lot of steps involved.  What about just slapping it on the rack over a hot fire and cooking it like we did with the Weber's back in the day?


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I think the biggest factor is how thick of a steak you're cooking.  If its less than an inch direct is probably the best way to go.  If its thicker, going with a 2 zone approach is probably the way to go.  I say probably because you can do whatever you want but the 2 zone on thicker steaks helps you get less grey and a more consistent color.


In either case, my best advice is to learn how you like it in terms of doneness and monitor closely your pull temp.  I pull the steaks at 123 in order to get the medium rare that I like.  The IT will rise quite a bit when resting.  I have 3 kiddos and very rarely can I sit down to eat right as I pull off the steak.  So play with that and you'll get there.  The good news with the experimenting is you get to eat lots of steak in the process. :)

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