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Meatlovers salads..............

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Made for a carnivore.



I promise there is some lettuce in there somewhere.




Kicked up the flavor of some boneless breast.....sliced into chunks.... browned & chilled them.


Made a batch of dressing with dijon mustard, honey, teriyaki sauce, mushrooms & lime juice.


It all came together right on time.


I was pretty much stuffed after cooking the chicken....stuff was great to snack on....a meal by itself.




















Wife likes the salads at California Dreaming....where they bring you a croissant with honey.......so.......that's what she got on this one.







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I'm going to go out on a limb here take your word that there is some lettuce in there, @Dub....   I'm not sure what exactly the "definition" of salad is, but I think it usually suggests the composition of the dish includes more than one small piece of lettuce.... but I could definitely be totally wrong on that....

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