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Pizza on Akorn - What temp and vent settings?

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No expert but I ran the dome therm to 550° and then checked my stone with a laser infrared --it registered 650°. Slid the pie onto the stone...six minutes, then added some fresh greens and another four +/- minutes. Turned out just like it came out of the gas oven--no burnt spots on the crust bottom, everything else cooking and looking like you want it to.



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The temperature totally depends on the dough you are using. It's always best to use the recipes recommended temperature for optimum results. I have a dough recipe that won't cook right with anything less than 750* and other dough recipes that will burn at 600*


As for the top vent. Once the temperature starts climbing towards your target temperature close the vent to maybe half open to help trap the heat in the kamado. Leaving it wide open wastes a lot of heat and you'll burn through more charcoal then needed. 


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