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Anyone experimented with "no carbs" bread?

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Yes. But unfortunately nothing I've made more than once.  Many are "OK", but still really no substitute for the real thing.


A couple from here...




I've come to the conclusion that I would rather really stay no/low carb for a larger percentage of the time, but once in a while eat "real" pizza from my UUNI, sourdough bread etc.  Sometimes I'll have a very small/thin slice of bread or dessert etc, but just keep those fewer and far between.  Working well....down 30 pounds and counting and do not feel deprived at all.  I find I am eating so many vegetables now, that even meat is becoming a side dish....and we LOVE our meat!!

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Short answer-no. I did in depth research on no carb/ low carb breads. My opinion became you can find/ make a lower carb bread but not anything other than a bread to help one on a carb cutting journey- eventually making bread carbs a once in a while thing.


My technique is to adjust my daily carb intake once in a while, and calorie burn to enjoy some pizza later that day. I have tried the cauliflower pizza dough and find it to be decent tasting.



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