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Independence Day Brisket

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Cooked a 9 lb. brisket with a cocoa-coffee rub.  Put it on at 11 p.m. last night and it finished cooking this morning at 10 a.m.  I won't be serving it until about 4 p.m. today.  I've got it wrapped in plastic wrap and aluminum foil with a towel over it in a ice chest.  Do you think I'll have a problem with it getting dry?

Here's the before and after.  Cooked it undisturbed until it hit 200º F @ 225 º F.  I probe tested it and it was like butter.





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3 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

Nice job on your brisket cook!  I hope your 4 p.m. reveal goes well.  

Thanks, I hope so too.  I've never had one rest that long.  

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1 hour ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

My guess is that it was still pretty hot and not at all dry when you finally pulled it out. Hopefully, you still gave it a about a forty-fve minute rest before slicing.

It had a six hour rest and was still warm and not dried up at all.  Great hickory smoke ring and taste and the rub turned out great.

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Congrats on your cook, sounds like you did everything right!  I bought mine at COSTCO here in sunny Sarasota and it was a good cut of meat. They had flats and full packers, but I didn't have enough time to do a full packer so I did a flat, my first one on my KJ Classic. Here's a look at the "lean" side:




Here's a look at the "fat" side:




I used the classic Aaron Franklin salt and pepper rub and added a tspn of chipotle chile powder. Take a look:



I started my fire with Rockwood Lump Charcoal and added about six chunks of Western Oak; put the brisket on at 7:30am, fat side down, hoping it would be ready by 3:30pm. I had a tin of hot water underneath during the cook but I must admit I didn't refill it as often as I needed to. I let the water completely evaporate before refilling for the first time. That won't happen again, instead I'll check the water level every 45 minutes or so, each time I spritz generously with pure, not from concentrate, apple juice ... a must if you're going to keep your brisket moist.


Here's a nice pic of the smoke draw ....




At an internal temp of about 170, I wrapped the brisket in "pink", approved for BBQ, butcher paper. That part went well, but I made the mistake of leaving the lid open too long during the wrap and I had to chase my fire for a while. Choked the fire back to around 200 before inching it back up; finally got it stable around 260 - 270 and finished the cook around 4:30pm (internal temp of 203).


I'm out of space so I can't upload any more images but the brisket was extremely tasty and moist, nice bark for a flat, good smoky taste, but no smoke ring. Disappointed with that, but then there's next time. I wrapped the brisket in a towel and put it in a cooler to rest for an hour before slicing and it was surprisingly hot to the touch when I unwrapped it.


To recap, I followed the Aaron Franklin recipe and process as close as I could and next time i will keep a better eye on water levels and close the lid when I wrap the brisket. Not ready to inject yet but I am interested in your comments on that topic, oh and also what I can do to get the ring!


Caio for now,


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