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EZ smoke

Anxiously waiting for Costco end of season clearance...

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I know it's been a few weeks but all the inventory local to me has dried up at regular retail prices. Just like last year, there wasn't any clearance price near me as far as I could tell. Now I'm holding out that maybe the online price will dip some like it has in past off-seasons. I don't need another PB K24 but it would be pretty cool to get a deal on a shiny blue 2018 version to go along the old 2016 black one. :good:

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Yeah... it's not bad but still not cheap enough for me. I bought my original 2016 one for $549 online delivered and there was a coupon for another $25 off. Of course the 2016 version didn't come with the plate setter/deflector like the current versions do so, that was another $40-$50 added on top of the price What was the in-store price this year? Wasn't it $599? 

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