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Came into an old egg...maybe???

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A buddy of mine was moving and I now have his egg.


Can't find markings anywhere. I know it's old, but is it legit?


We are moving in two weeks and new place has great setup for outdoor kitchen - had planned on upgrading my Akorn to a Kamado Joe, but might stand fast if this one is good to go.


If not a true BGE, and tips on where to find parts like deflector stone, new grate, etc would be helpful.




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1 hour ago, rchang72 said:

Looks like a Vision grill. All the KJ classic sized stuff works well. I bought a D&C set for mine and it works well


Agree... Vision, or other Auplex rebranded kamado.  If standardize size, the D&C would work or there are some solutions from The Ceramic Grill Store as well...

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Yup that is a Dragon Fire Kamado that uses Auplex ceramic components. Both the gear that fits a KJ and the gear that fits a BGE Large will work. Basicly it is a Vision B made by a different retailer. Good and capable grill. Auplex ceramic components are well made, hold temp well, and are reasonably durable as any ceramic components can be. 



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