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Cast Iron Smash Cheeseburger and Fries

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SoCal has been scorching hot these last 3 days. Friday was 111 in the shade of my patio. Unfortunately this was the day my neighbor’s air conditioning decided to quit working. They brought over their dogs for us to try and keep cool while they worked on it and went out to eat to cool off themselves.


Saturday was 104 and Sunday was a were 100 so I braved the patio to cook something up. I’ve made a Buffalo Buffalo Smash Burger before that is IMHO the best burger ever. Unfortunately, our fridge quit working 2 weeks ago. It has since been repaired but my supply of pickled red onion went out with 3 trash bags of other food items so I decided to just use what I had on hand and make Smash Cheeseburgers.  


I stared out making some seasoned steak fries. I took 2 russet potatoes and cut each into 8 approximately equal wedges.


I then drizzled on some EVOO and seasoned them with salt, fresh ground black pepper and a little cayenne pepper.


I microwaved them for 6 minutes (stirring them every 2 minutes) to give them a head start on cooking. I then spread them out on a half sheet pan and placed it in the middle of my gasser with the burners on each side on high. (for an indirect heat of approximately 400)


With the fries cooking I turned my attention to the burgers. I took some Nice organically grown ground beef


and mixed in some diced onion and blue cheese crumbles.




I started up a 3/4 chimney of charcoal and poured it into my charcoal baskets.


I placed my C.I. griddle over them and let it get smoking hot.


I divided the ground beef into 4 roughly equal size balls.


Once the griddle was smoking hot I placed the balls on.


Once they had developed a nice crust I smashed them. I let them cook a few more minutes and then flipped them and cooked them approximately 3 more minutes.


After approximately 40 minutes the fries were ready.


Here it is plated up with a Modern Times Black House Coffee Rroasty Stout.






This was excellent!


Thanks for looking.

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That whole plate along with the beer looks fantastic. I like to parboil my fries to start the cooking process and remove some starch. I saw another thread where someone used a CI pan. I have a pan and not a sheet (but that is now on my radar ;)) and am going to try this method.

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1 hour ago, Freddyj said:

Husker, I have to say that over the years your cooks, beer pairings and cooking posts have consitently been the best.


Wish I lived next door, great looking, tasty-looking cook!

No doubt he has me beat by a long shot. Great work DH. Enjoy those burgies!

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