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Whats your favorite charcoal to use?


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7 hours ago, kortus3 said:

Whats your favorite charcoal to use? Just curious what people are using out there. Does what kind of meat you do matter to what charcoal?

I love the kamado joe lump charcoal. It's a bit pricey but one bag lasts me over several cooks so it pays for itself really

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Whatever I can get cheap.


Lately it's been Western 30lb bags from Walmart for $10/bag. Pops and sparks a lot when lighting with a torch, but burns hot and long.


Also have a couple bags of Cowboy, KJ red bag (not big block) and probably a couple bags of Royal Oak.

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I like to use a variety of charcoals. 


Pizza i I use the cheapest hottest burning charcoal I can get usually Baques Natures Own or Dragons Breath both from costco, but it is very sparky


Smoking is either Quebracho or Kamado Joe Lump


Grilling is usually Kamado Joe Lump for better cuts of meat and the cheaper Costco lump for burgers


I also use Coconut charcoal on anything I don’t want a flavour imparted to.


Dont forget to get into diffrperent smoking woods.


Try a bunch out and see what you like.  



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On July 11, 2018 at 2:05 PM, acr said:

I use KJ charcoal for smoking and Royal Oak or Cowboy for grilling.




That's the route I've been doing.  RO is great for grilling and I can cook for hours on the KJ big block lump.   Got a great deal on a bunch of bags of it at a Costco roadshow.  

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