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Pit Boss vs Akorn

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Couple of quick observations comparing some of the features of the Pit Boss to the Akorn.

Ash collection, so much nicer on the Akorn!  I can see an ash basket in the near future and a drywall dust filter on my small shop vac.

The tool hooks. I'm not sure if my PB is put together wrong, but when I fold the sides down the tools all fall off, I would just leave my grate cleaners and other things hanging on the Akorn and throw the cover over.  Might have to just drill some holes for S hooks like the Akorn.

The thermometer.  Minor, but the shape of the grill determines this, the Akorn is more forward facing, so I could see it out of the window, the PB I need to actually look over the top.

That being said I don't regret the upgrade, it's just funny what you get used to on one that the other doesn't have.

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I've owned both as well ...there are some other differences in the (2) but the truth is they're more similar than different. I know the "upgrade" to the PB is something I have never regretted. The benefits of the PB outweigh the negatives for me but the truth is I could be happy with either the Akorn or the PB. Heck you can do what I did and after upgrading to the PB go out and buy a Akorn Jr. to reminisce with. LOL

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I went to Walmart earlier this year to buy an Akorn that was supposed to be on clearance.

They didn't have one but a manager offered me a NIB PB22 for $300, regular $600, so I jumped on it, my first Kamado.

The bamboo tables were only on it when first assembled, I have places to sit things in my grilling area, and I know that, even covered, they will not hold up well.



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