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Hot smoked ham

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This is how I make my hams.These were made a couple of weekends ago.

Brined and injected thoroughly. Depending on the size I'll brine them for 10-14 days. These two were just over 4kg each and were in the brine for 10 days.

The brine is a pink salt brine. Pit temp was about 235 F and I got them to an internal of 165 F. Though I think my Maverick is playing up and they were a bit on the dry side.







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Yummm.  Nice looking hams.  Interested in what is your brine mix make-up and ratios?  Salt, sugar, cure...


With a 14 day cure have you experienced any 'ropyness' to the brine near the end of the curing?  Just curious... 

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