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Joe Jnr Brisket & Ribs

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Been a relaxing weekend, still experimenting with Joe Jnr now, just under 3 weeks old.


So the brisket was just a sugar/pepper (slightly too much)/ Salt and onion granules, left overnight. Not 100% sure what it should taste like as never had it before cooked like this, but put another way not a great deal left :) So i think success. All in all about 4-5 hrs of cooking around 250f  (yet to find the best way of keeping it stable to a +- 15f)










I then stumbles across the video on how to curl the ribs and cook a rack on the Joe Jnr, I marinated these in cider, fennel, garlic powder and some hot paprika for 48hrs, Cooked for 3hrs.




How good, These all got devoured in the space of 20mins :)



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