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I just bought the CGK, but I see some posted as King Griller and Char-griller Akorn Kamado is there any differnece? Also, mine came with wood side tables, stainless still top exhaust, and my cooking grate is different. I know mine says King Griller on the outside dome, so I was just curious if there were two different models or just people calling it two different names.

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Thanks! Just curious. I think the biggest cosmetic difference with mine is my center grate doesn't have the char-griller logo on it and that my main grate doesn't have the little notch in the center to put the handle to take it out. I had to get my extra handle off my other char-griller to take it out.

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Mine is the same as yours, brown side tables but my grate does have the logo and the notch for removal. I am not sure why yours does not. I bought mine in Winn Dixie. I grew up in Opelika and look forward to hearing how your journey goes. I just got mine today and had to return the first box because it was damaged and missing items. Winn Dixie took care of it right away without problems. Good luck to you.

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