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    • By Chicago Joe
      Proud to be a new Joe owner.  Got it from the Naperville store. Yeah, yeah shoulda got mine long before Labor Day but Ill be cooking long after the snow flies unlike the fair weather Chicago BBq people. 
    • By KJTerp
      Picked up a 6.75lb flat at Costco. Seasoned with salt pepper garlic onion powder, used mustard to help the rub adhere. Fired up at 7 this morning, settled in at 250 with some cherry on there, brisket went on at 830. Stalled HARD at 165 from 11-6, then zoomed to 195-200 by 7. Found a couple spare ribs at the store and tossed them on at the same time, they finished around 330. 
      Ribs came out great. Brisket came out pretty darn good. Rub was a bit too salty, I’ll have to scale that back. Some areas around the outside were a bit crumbly, and it could have been juicer, but I’ve paid for worse brisket at “bbq” restaurants. Needless to say, bark formation was on point (on flat?). 
      Dont remember where I saw it here, but I wrapped a sweet onion with foil, and put a couple pats of butter on it, left it in the grill for the last 6 hours, 10/10 would recommend, will do this every time I fire up from now on. 

    • By MichaelS
      Howdy. My better half approved the purchase so I hit the roadshow here in Indianapolis today.  
      1,499.99 for the Big Joe
      219.99 for the Big Joetisserie
      21.99 for 30lbs of lump

      They had 5 Big Joetisserie. By the time I left at 5pm, there was 1 left. Rep said they only got in 5.  Looks like they only had 2 or so of the classic Joetisserie as well.
      I had to work at 9 so didn't get to take part in the great race for "The Deal", but at least two were waiting to try to get the deal at 9 when the club opened.
      Rep helped me load it up. And by help, I mean he did most of the work. Rep was great and everything survived well. 
      That's a scion XB that it loaded in. Those black boxes have a ton of space, and there was extra room. I should have gotten more lump and probably will go back for more since it is 10 more pounds for 5 bucks less than what Lowes carries. 
      Used a garden cart and two neighbors to get it to the back deck and into the cart. That was way easier than we expected.  
      And now I owe my neighbors BBQ for helping. Oh darn.

    • By WarEagle72
      I have been researching Kamado's for awhile, and have been sold on Kamado Joe. Earlier in the week I almost pulled the trigger and purchase a classic II from Amazon with the free delivery and setup.  However, I then realized there is a Costco Roadshow going on in Montgomery, AL this week until the 18th.  I live in Birmingham which is about an hour and fifteen away.  So it looks like the Big Joe sells for about 300 less than usual at these roadshows.  I also have $650 worth of Amazon Visa Reward points built up, which I can just cash out on.  So it looks like I could potentially 'save' about $950 if I bite the bullet and do this now.  OK, 950 minus 60 because i'm not a Costco member and would sign up.
      My questions:
      1. I see all these pictures of people loading the floor models into the back of their vehicles.  I'm assuming grills that aren't the floor models are still in the box (or crate, whatever it is).  Any ideas on the dimensions of that? I have a Lincoln MKC mini-SUV, and the back can get alittle tight.
      2. Before I hike it all the way to Montgomery, can I just call the Costco and make sure they have it in stock? Needless to say it would be a bit of a letdown to go all the way down there just to be told it wasn't there and I would need to pick it up in a few days.
      3. Anyone that wants to talk me off the edge and instead to purchase a Classic 2?
      Thanks in advance for any info!
    • By au4stree
      I have no idea how I'm just discovering this site, this is awesome!
      I'm in the market for a new Kamado.  I've narrowed it down to the Big Joe and a Summit Charcoal.  I'm leaning heavy towards the Big Joe, but am curious to know how deep the discount is at Costco.....  The roadshow schedule isn't coming to B'ham in the near future, but I'm willing to drive over to ATL.  Question:  For those what are near a costco, what are the current prices for the grills?  
      Also, I read on kamadojoe.com that the warranty is not honored when purchased from a store like Costco.  I realize Costco might pick up the warranty, but wanted to verify other's experience.  

      I appreciate the advice and look forward to the future discussions.
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