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Red River Smoke

Iron Range Porketta

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2 hours ago, Scott Roberts said:

First both version's look fabulous @Red River Smoke @pigfqr! As a rule it is normally done with a pork belly with skin on so how about trying with a debone pork picnic with skin still intact?



I've seen several videos of that.  The cracklings look amazing!

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I don't know yet.  I only tried a bite last night.  It was pretty delicious.  We are about to feast on it though. I'll let you know.  I screwed up a bit on the cook.  My pit probe was off of the deflector, so I was getting higher than actual readings from it.  So I was cooking much lower and slower than I would have liked.  After about 8 hours in I realized my mistake when the charcoal under the probe finally caught and the temp was skyrocketing to 300 +.  I though well either my probe is messed up or something is going horribly wrong with the grill.   I moved the probe to over the deflector and continued the cook at slightly higher temps.  It still didn't get done until 11 last night.  What little I tasted was pretty good though, both the Porchetta and the traditional BBQ.  


I will say that I did have to mess with the vents more that I would have liked.  I am sure there are several factors at play for that.  I have yet to seal my grill, the pit probe was over coals, and I am a rookie.  Regardless even after I moved the pit probe I still had to jockey with the vents.  I basically had enough of that, and ordered a Flame Boss 200.  That way I truly should be able to set it and forget it.  Currently I have no confidence it letting a slow cook go overnight.  I think with the Flame Boss that shouldn't be a problem.  I'll write up a mini review once I get it and install it.

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