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Jalapeño popper burgers

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Tonight chef Norah and I wanted to make burgers for dinner; however, we were in the mood to spice it up a little.  So we took and made some popper style burgers.  

1 block of cream cheese 
1/3 cup of cheddar 
1 jar of jalapeños chopped 
1.75lbs of burger.  

We mixed the cream cheese cheddar and chopped peppers together to stuff our patties.  We made 6 thin patties and spread it on one of the patties and then sealed a second one over the top.  We cooked these at 500ish until medium.   Served with a side of maple  Bourbon sausage and avocado cucumber salad.  The salad was dressed with a few fresh limes and some evoo.  Nothing to fancy but was a good meal and even better time cooking with my Norah Grace.   
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Oh my, I gotta try this!


Another good one is a jalapeno popper stuffed pork loin.  I'll try to remember to post that recipe soon.  You won't be disappointed!


Thanks for posting!

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