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Concrete top grill table w/LEDs

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I'm mostly finished with the table for my Vision Grill.  I built the skeleton of the table in pine, then covered it with cedar trim, using some cedar fence pickets on the back and sides to cut down on the cost.  Stained with Cabot Gold.  For the concrete top, I built a form, and used charcoal colorant in the Sakrete 5000 mix.  Before pouring, I added various beach glass and rocks found at the Indiana Dunes to show up on the top.  I cut foam insulation to leave the void for the grill.  I also put down 4 inch square acrylic glass, with insulation above for a lighting effect.  After pouring, I created a "channel" around the edge which I used to insert an LED light strip inside after curing.  


One side of the storage will house my Blackstone grill, along with the propane tank.  Then I have plenty of storage for accessories and charcoal in the other.  


I'm not a woodworker at all---simply looked at other tables online and devised a plan.  Lots of work, but love it! 











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I poured the concrete top in 2 halves.  Mainly it make it easy to flip over after curing in the forms.  One whole slab would have been EXTREMELY heavy!  But also figured it would be a little less stress in the middle.  I love the lights----below is link I used for my concrete top and lights.  Only thing I added was a "channel" I created when the concrete was wet to install the strip lights in it so they shined down without actually seeing the strip.






On 7/25/2018 at 4:00 PM, Red River Smoke said:

@Hoosierref, did you cut it in the middle after the fact or was it poured in two slabs?  Also is it for stress relief?  Looks awesome, I like the lights!


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