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Mr Cue

Venison Summer Sausage

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Before we went on vacation I’d decided I wanted to make some summer sausage to take with us and share with my parents. I’d been sitting on 7 pounds of ground venison in the freezer for some time and this seemed like the appropriate time and use for it. Using a store bought kit, I stuffed the seasoned/cured meat in the casings with my Jerky Canon and put them on a low smoke in the Big Joe over RO lump and  pecan chunks. One stick was made with a very nice raw milk smoked cheddar I picked up at a very reasonable and reduced price. This stuff turned out amazing and I have a few pounds of frozen meat left to do another batch, I’m thinking of adding diced jalapeños into the fold this next time. 


I would have put pictures up but this site still gives me problems directly uploading from my iPhone. 

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