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Need help with a shoulder roast....quick!

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I put a shoulder roast on about an hour ago. Kamado at 225. This roast looks like a big ole steak about 1 1/2 thick. I’m confused on what the internal temp should be when done. Been searching for answers and I’m seeing anywhere from 140 to 180. It’s only been on an hour and internal temp is already 148. I thought it should take at least 4 hours. Is this roast just not thick enough

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25 minutes ago, Timtogrill said:

Yeah it feels pretty tender except for the thickness part in the center. Wonder how long I can hold this above 140? This is for dinner tonight:| I’ve held pork butts for 4 hours

You can wrap it in foil and then towels and place in a cooler, it should hold temp for around 4 hours that way. If you're wanting it to be a pulled roast I would think about placing it in an aluminum pan with some beef stock and cover in foil. Leave it in the Kamado but shut the vents down. It should make it more tender as well as keep it hot.

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17 minutes ago, Timtogrill said:

Thanks. I already shut the vents. It’s holding internal temp of 152. When it starts to drop I will put it in cooler to hold. I was wanting this to be sliced roast with gravy and mashed tators.

It should turn out to be a great sliced roast. Just keep an eye on the internal temp while the grill cools down to make sure it doesnt overcook.

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