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Breakfuss.....mission critical !!!


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  • 3 weeks later...

I hear ya @Billy Grills


I'm just glad I get the opportunity to eat here from time to time :rofl:


Work schedule is crazy at times.  It's been nice having a few days off this week to chill & grill.




Woke up crazy early this morning.....knocked out a pot of coffee.....then decided to get to work on breakfast before everyone else was up and scrambling.


I still have Tex-Mex eats in mind....great timing as there were leftovers from yesterday's supper that were mighty handy.




First little piece of bidness was to address the near empty bottle of Malcom Reed's Killer Hog AP Rub.   I've grown to rely on this stuff more than I ever thought.


Did a quick homebrew version.....black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and lastly salt.   I suspect my salt % is a bit lower than the original.


I used it to season everything this morning with.  Super easy.














































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17 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

Why don't the breakfast burritos look like that from McD's? That looks killer good, only problem is I didn't get to eat one. 



Speaking of McDonald's.....I did a version of one of their breakfast eats this week....Wife & son went nuts over it.   I'll post it in here in a few.



Their steak, egg & cheese bagels are the family favorite from there if I'm bringing home breakfast after night shift on occasion.     I can't finish one....but the dogs take care of whatever is leftover. :rofl:  



So....had some sirloin that I'd left in the fridge overnight with some lime juice & AP seasoning on it.














Only T-Rex could finish one.  Little joker throws down at meal times.




16 hours ago, Ben S said:

I am very happy to see you back around these parts dub. I don’t cook as often, but life is good. 



Thanks, man.



It's good to be back.



Went through a long stretch last year where I wasn't cooking much of anything.  Spine injury & surgery following.  Didn't take enough time off work and the recovery has been a beast.   Lied to my surgeon downplaying the work hours and activities.  Pretty sure he'd have never cleared me for 13+ hour workdays in less than 3 weeks. :rofl:


Starting to get back with it, though.  


Very encouraged that John is keeping the doors open here.   It's such a mighty resource and fun place to hang out.....filled with some wonderful folks.










16 hours ago, riverfish said:

OMG Breakfast Porn.............................I'm having breakfast for dinner tonight!!!




:)    Breakfast for dinner is right up my alley.





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