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First Attempt at a brisket


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So far so good I guess.  I started with a 14.8 pound Prime brisket from Costco.  Trimmed almost 4 pounds off of it.  Rubbed it, and got it on the Pit Boss last night at 227 degrees.  Currently it is at 170 internal.  I have been doing a couple of spritzes with an apple juice/cider vinegar mix.  Going to hit it one more time with the spritz, let it go for 30 minutes, then wrap it to 205.  Here is a link to the cook: https://myflameboss.com/cooks/275086.  The spikes are where I am opening to spritz.  The Flameboss, now that I have it worked out, has been performing really well.








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4 hours ago, Team PCBeach said:

Don't forget 205 is not a magic number.  You are pretty much in the probing temp now to start checking for that soft as butter feel.

well I went with the magic number, and thankfully it worked out.  You are right, I should have probed.  I got lucky.  It turned out wonderful.  Super juicy, I separated the point from the flat and cubed the point.  Put it in a cast iron pot with some bbq sauce and threw it back on the grill for 90 minutes.  A Maze Ing.  I was super pleased with how everything turned out.  I then made a sammich with slices of the flat, pickle, manchego cheese, and a fried egg.





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12 hours ago, Rob_grill_apprentice said:

Brisket looks very good.

Thank you.  I am sure there was some luck involved, but I followed the video from @John Setzler posted doing it on a Kamado Joe.  It seemed to work really well.  I did the burnt ends as well.  Turned into melt in your mouth goodness.

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