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Replacement top vent?

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I dont think anyone has tried one directly from smokeware yet for the PB but I know some have rigged up a regular small woodstove chimney while still using the original top vent. 


I cant find what post it was posted in though

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Damn, have a couple things to try here.

Now sorry if this is a stupid question, why the bbq guru blower AND the tip top temp? 
I also like the double felt idea on the top vent.

So just so I'm clear, you're saying if I put two layers of felt on the top vent, it will be snug enough to just hold on without any hardware? 
I think I'll look into this. I found the PB doesnt get quite as hot as I thought it would and maybe more airflow is what I need. 

Is there a felt you recommend?

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If you put enough charcoal in and open the stock vents fully, the PB will get above 900* F  (thermocouple needed to measure). My guess is you are not filling it with charcoal if you can’t get it hot enough. Try starting with a chimney of lit charcoal on the bottom, then fill the bowl up to within an inch or two of the lower grate. It should get real hot, but the dome thermometer won’t necessarily be accurate. 


As for getting the top vent vent to hold without hardware, a second layer will do it on most grills, but the nature of ceramics means there is some unit to unit variation. 


I can’t answer why someone chose two controllers, but I can tell you that I chose the HeaterMeter as a controller because it includes a fan and a servo control. With the HM they are both on the bottom vent. The reason is ceramic kamados are very efficient, and the draft could pull too much air through a blower even with the fan off. The servo controller damper can shut down airflow completely when needed and can maintain lower temps. I ran mine at 175 a couple days ago. 

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I run both because I was already using the TipTopTemp controller when I got the PartyQ so I just left it on there.

It self adjusts so if the puffer setting gets out of whack due to say the temp probe being affected by cold meat placement, it will throttle down to help prevent a run away.

I'm just lazy, if I can get the cooker to self adjust over the life of a fire, as it burns toward the outer perimeter of the lump pile, then less bother for me.

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