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How do you get to 800F?


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1 hour ago, KamadoJosephine said:


I agree!!


I cracked mine due to that, and the local Oz disty ordered a replacement dome.  It was taking too long, so they ended up giving me a whole new Kamado!!!

wow! that's fantastic customer service!

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On 8/11/2018 at 12:40 PM, ptmd said:

sorry... lets bring this back to getting it to 800F



Kamado Josephine told you how on the 8th post in this thread.


It's pretty simple, actually.


There was a time when I thought it was fun to run them at nuclear temps.....It's not fun changing out gaskets and wearing out kamados prior to their expected service life.....plus it's not safe.


If I have to cook something above 600 degrees....then it's likely not something I'd want to eat in the first place.


There is simply no need, in my opinion, but I understand having to get it out of your system.  Hopefully you'll not have severe kamado flash or undue damage as a result.  

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I find smaller lump size helps too.  I have a KA basket and for pizza cooks in the 600-750 range I use Royal Oak.  For my low and slow it is Kamado Joe lump.  Too many times to count when doing pizza I forget I have the vents wide open and by the time I am done prepping the toppings the grill is in the 800+ range and I have to shut the lower vent to bring the temp down.


Can't see a reason for needing anything this high when searing a steak.  I find the the overall dome temp doesn't matter as long as I have a roaring fire in the box and grates in the low position.

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