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Cooked a whole pig on my XL


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30 minutes ago, philpom said:

That looks awesome!  I found a local source for piglets about 50 pounds and am just waiting for the right weekend to drop one in my offset.  From the looks of your cook I could easily get away with one in my Oval XL.

 From the looks of things, the oval shape might work best.

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I enjoyed sourcing it, prepping it, cooking it and eating it, but I wouldn't do it again.

Everything was moist and falling apart, and it was an experience for everyone involved, but it's basically pork steamed in the skin.

You don't get the nice bark you'd get on a butt or ribs. We had a ton of aromatics stuffed inside, along with a broth-based injection in the hams, but it was still pretty bland tasting. 


Now I have to convince my wife that I need yet another, bigger  BBQ so I can cook the next pig flat out, or on a rotisserie for comparison sake ;)

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