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2 hours ago, rwalters said:

I am on Johns side with this one... I have tried WiFi on more than one type of cooker including my current pellet pooper. Not for me! One more layer of “something to go wrong” and I personally find the cooking process much more enjoyable when I am connected in person with it :)


I know there are plenty of guys that love their WiFi setup and that’s cool! To each their own :)



Happy New Year Robb, nice to see you posting!


i like the wifi and  trust it,  i've used it a couple of times on a brisket & some pork shoulders i made during my son's football season and it has value.  ive done way more cooks on the pellet grills and not used it though.   love the pellet cooking though, its fun.

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I really like the wifi on my 1300. It's nice to be able to check on the temps without going out in the cold. Is it necessary for the cook? No, it isn't but it's a nice extra to have. I have the CyberQ wifi that I use on my BJ and although I will use the blower for long overnight cooks, just so I can sleep soundly, I mainly use it for the wifi capability to monitor temps on my cooks. I guess I am just extra lazy.

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