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How to Use the Recipe Forums

John Setzler

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Welcome to the Recipe Forums on Kamado Guru!


The recipe forums here on Kamado Guru are for reference purposes.  They should contain recipes and any discussion that may follow each recipe.  Each new recipe posted in this area of the forums should follow these guidelines.  Posts that do not follow these guidelines may be moved to other sections of the forum.

Guidelines for posting in this forum:


First of all, if you post a recipe to this forum, it MUST be a recipe that you have tried at least once.  Do NOT post a recipe that you have not personally made.  If you are posting a recipe that is NOT YOUR OWN recipe, please give proper credit to the recipe author.  This may include a link to the web page where you found the recipe.  


1.  The SUBJECT of your post should be the name of the recipe.  


2.  The first part of your recipe post MUST contain a written list of ingredients and written instructions for preparing the dish.  You may include a single photograph or a video in this first part of the post also if you wish.


3.  Any additional information you wish to post along with your recipe may follow.  You should include YOUR OWN THOUGHTS on the recipe.  How did you like it?  Do you have any suggestions that might improve it?  


4.  It's not required, but it's helpful if you use the Topic Tags when posting your recipe to include some key words that are relevant to your recipe to aid in searching on the site.  


5.  Give credit where credit is due!  There is no shame in using someone else's recipe.  If you found your recipe online, please provide a link to the source.  If your recipe came from a book, please include that book information.  You may even wish to include a link to that book on Amazon so someone may purchase it if they wish.


Here's a graphic showing what a recipe 'should' look like when posted here:



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