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My Take on the Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)

John Setzler

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This is a fantastic snack for game day or any other occasion where you need some finger food with a little extra KICK!

The Atomic Buffalo Turd as interpreted by ME!


Start out with a batch of nice sized jalapeno peppers and slice the tops off as shown.


Slice each pepper lengthwise as shown.


Remove the spines and rinse the peppers out.


Fill each pepper half with cream cheese. If you want extra kick you can mix in cayenne pepper with the cream cheese or you can add anything else you may want to the cream cheese to change up the flavor.


Place one little smokey smoked sausage on each pepper half on top of the cream cheese.


Wrap each pepper half with a half slice of uncooked bacon and secure with a toothpick. You can soak your toothpicks if you like but if you are cooking over indirect heat, they won't usually burn.


Put them on your grill over indirect heat and cook. If you are cooking in the 250° range these can stay on about an hour. Just keep your eye on them and don't burn them.


Here's what they look like when they are finished!

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I don't cut the stem side off, I just slice them in half and remove the membrane and seeds.Don't you loose some of the filling running out of the backside? If you prep them the night before cooking you don't need the tooth picks the bacon kinds of binds together

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I love ABT's! Unfortunately I never make enough. It doesn't matter how many I make, there is never enough. I have even made them using habaneros instead of jalapenos. If you like heat, give them a try.

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I made these for a family party a few weeks ago...huge hit. they were a little greasy though. I next tried them with finely diced smoked chicken mixed in the cream cheese. those were really good too and only slightly less 'atomic' the heart ;)

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I cooked some Saturday for the first time to take to my grandson' first birthday party. Also made my first attempt with Moink balls. Both were a big hit. Added some chipotle Tabasco to the cream cheese. They were still mild enough for my wife. In fact she loved them too. post-424-13756507372774_thumb.jpg

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ABT's, Surfin Sapo style. Actually he calls the ADT's, or, atomic Dove Turds, made from a mess of dove breasts. Years ago when I lived in IdAho, we'd go dove hunting often. I whisk I had this recipe then. They look good.


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These are on the list for this weekend. Can't wait. Buffalo sauce in the cream cheese is the plan. How many peppers per package of cream cheese?

I never really counted but the 8oz containers of cream cheese will fill at least 14 pepper halves and possibly more...

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