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Finally did my initial firing yesterday, roast Chicken today, Question on PartYQ.

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Well, did my initial firing yesterday, went very well, with PartyQ held 200°F perfectly.  So today I did a spatchcock chicken. I held the temp at 300°F for about an hour.  I wanted to make sure my grill was adequately seasoned. I put a drip pan on a CSI spider,although the instructions called for direct grill setup.  I had my grill at 350° initially, but an hour into the cook, it hadn’t browned well & the internal temperature was. 135°F, so I kicked the temperature up to 400°. Ahh, reverse sear?  Anyway by the time the internal temperature reached 165°,  it was golden brown.


While shutting down, when I took the PartyQ off, water, maybe a teaspoonful ran out of the adapter.  Anyone else experience this?  It did rain yesterday while the grill was firing for the first time, but it could not have gotten rain inside that would run out the adapter, as it is 1/2 inch off the bottom of the vent, had to be condensation, but it wasn’t humid today. PartyQ did function ok after I removed it, the fan was running.  I covered the PartyQ by draping a bag over the top while it was raining, I made sure the fan wasn’t blocked by the plastic.  Figure I will get a small metal bucket, cut a slot in the rim to fit over the  adapter to protect it in the rain.  I’ll just upend a plastic container over the BlueDot body on a saucer to protect it from the rain. 


Guess what else I figured out, grabbing a temperature probe with bare hands is just downright dumb!!  Ouchy!




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