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Smoked and Sous Vide Coconut Milk Brisket

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Followed through on my quest with great success. 


Followed through on my quest to do this. 
  1. Salt, pepper and coriander rub
  2. Smoked on Akorn Kamado for 4 hours 
  3. Bagged with frozen coconut milk (easier to seal as solid) and kaffir lime leaves
  4. Sous vide for 48 hrs at 140F
  5. Seared on cast iron for about 2 minutes a side to create some crust. 
  6. Reduced coconut milk juice with more kaffir lime leaf
Was excellent. Amazing balance of smoky an moist. I'd add star anise to the coconut milk next time. And perhaps cook the SV at a slightly higher temperature for less time. 


2smoke ring.png

3coconut milk.png



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