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2 nights 1 day cooking for 4 - hiking

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We getting ready for a camping trip in a few weeks and here is the food plan we put together.  We keep it simple because we are backpacking so grams matter but we are also feeding two young children and we like to eat well ourselves.  We don't shy away from pre-packaged Foods but we also cook and dehydrate from scratch many of our meals.



All meals picture together.


Dinner day 1: Potatoes with chicken and gravy for the kids and Alfredo noodles with rehydrated chicken and extra Parmesan for the adults.


Breakfast day 2: Grits and spam with cheese powder for everyone we get coffee and jalapeno relish they get ketchup. Kids also get a Pop-Tart and a granola bar.


Lunch day 2: adults get beef sausage and pepper jack cheese with Grey Poupon and the kids get peanut butter and jelly or Nutella.


Dinner day 2:. Dinner will be dehydrated beef chili with cheese powder and for the adults hot pepper sauce. Missing from the photo will be Fritos we pick up on our way to the drop off.


Not shown in the photos breakfast day 3 will be Clif bars and coffee.


We really enjoy this outdoor time and putting the meals together. Cooking on the trail or while camping is very enjoyable even if all you need to do is boil water it's about process.  I hope this gives some of you some ideas and encourages you to hit the campsite.


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2 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

Nice I'm sure that you all are going to have a great time.  It will be memories that you all will always cherish. 

The ones with the big rain storm, super cold temp or high winds.....  Those are the fun times we remember.  Oddly we always hope none of that happens!

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When I was an active hiker a few years back , I was really into making my own meals and dehydrating.  Jambalaya was my go to.  Have you ever heard of making moose goo (I see you have tortillas and peanut butter).  this is similar but adds masa (corn flower and honey) to give it more calories for weight. 


 I miss those days.  Had twins 9 years ago, so slowed down quite a bit, but ready to get them involved too.  But at a more leisurely pace. There for a while, I was really into ultralight hiking and covering miles.  Base gear would be around 11-12 pounds.  Now I am at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Went from counting ounces, to camping in 34' travel trailer.  But it does get the wife and kids outside hiking and having fun in nature (just with the security of the home base). 

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