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Monolith dilem


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Dear kamado lovers


i own a weber genesis propane gaz bbq since 2010 and getting tired of the beast ..(no really flavor, impossible to smoke, etc etc....good to sear however :)) 


i am looking since couple of months to get a Kamado style cooker. Big brands cannot be find here and have to be imported..so price for a kamado big joe goes from 2000 usd -> 3600 usd!  it is totally insane..


only chinese style (aupex etc) can be find locally or imported but i am not that impressed about the build quality..


the only kamado which seems reasonnable is the monolith lechef (around 2000 usd all in (with bbq guru device and with transport). i really wish i could invest into a new kamado big joe (hinges, gasket, etc looks really good) but the price is really to high. i guess cooking result will be similar with the monolith..


what do you think about the monolith le chef? how does it stand in term of build quality vs kamado joe? (is it stable? does it feel premium?) 


looking for your advices


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Hi Jpp,


I am in the US and I actually was thinking of the Monolith. Seems quite a bit of accessories for the price and these devices can become quite expensive. I would look into the Monolith, or for perhaps something slightly less expensive, the Broil King Keg.

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