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EZ smoke

Sam's has Vision Cadet for $199.91 shipped

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This looks like end of season close-out at $199 shipped. Vision Grills Diamond-Cut Cadet Kamado Grill, in Black, Red or Orange


Looks like cooking grate diameter is 1" less than the Akorn Jr. and maybe 1/2" smaller than the Joe Jr. Not sure about the other ceramic minis but it's probably in the ballpark as far as size. It looks like Vision does have some accessories for it on their web-site.


I'm probably not going to jump because I have an Akorn Jr. already and like the lighter weight for mobility. The Cadet is about 75#'s according to what I read.


Akorn Jr. is starting to move down in price as well... it looks like Amazon has those guys for just over $100.

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$200 for a ceramic mini kamado might end up being too good for me to pass up. I'm resisting at this point but the web-site keeps getting clicked on. :oops: I don't use my Akorn Jr. very much as it is.

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